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Splash & Dash: Aquathon in Onoura

Splash & Dash: Aquathon in Onoura

The first time was three years ago. It was ten o’clock in the morning when Chad, Andrew, and I arrived but the sky was dark. Thigh-high waves battered the shore under gray skies that hung... more

Where Runners Go

We love to fill our lungs with deep breaths of fresh air... but not when the air is laced with car and truck exhaust. We love to lose ourselves in the simple mantra we repeat... more

Charity rider

Charity rider

Before becoming America’s cancer crusader, Lance Armstrong dealt with testicular cancer that metastasized to his brain. Brad Deacon maneuvers around wild boar.  “I came around a bend and right there, in front of me, in the... more

Slow food and sex

I’ve just been on my annual visit to Tokyo. I still have some friends there and a few clients, which gives me the excuse to make the trip tax-deductible. But the real reason this time... more

Wall Street Associates

Having recently returned to Nagoya after an 8-year absence, I have developed the impression that the economy is doing fairly well (except, perhaps, in the language school market!). Nagoya towers, Midland Square, major new outlet... more

SBD Japan

As many may know, the Nagoya region is home to one of the biggest and most extensive automotive industry clusters in the world. While Toyota and Nippon Denso may be household names, there are an... more

FEW Japan: taking care of business

FEW Japan: taking care of business

There are these moments where you as a foreign women feel stuck in the Chubu region. Nagoya may be  booming, but language barriers, homesickness, living outside of Nagoya in a more rural area, a job... more

Politics? Anyone?

Politics? Anyone?

“Nani sore?”…”Kowai!”…”Kawaii!”…”Shiro mo aru!” From Sakae to Nagoya Station, from Minato Matsuri to Nakata Matsuri, wherever the Mosshi-mosshi Troop made its mysterious appearances, those were the sure sequence of reactions. But what exactly is it that... more

The Otokichi post-postscript

At the conclusion of the three-part “Otokichi Saga” which documented the amazing story of Otokichi Yamamoto, the presumed first Japanese visitor to North America (see previous three Avenues issues), I put a note asking for... more

In praise of <i>furin</i>

In praise of furin

Just in case there are people out there that think they are going to read about those cute little wind bells people hang outside their houses in summer, sorry to disappoint you. This is going... more

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