Greater Nagoya Initiative

The Greater Nagoya Initiative is here to help new businesses establish themselves in the Chubu region (Aichi, Mie, Gifu, Shizuoka). We provide business support, partner matching, office space and a wide range of subsidies are... more

Recycling your Rubbish

The mayor of Nagoya on his English website tells us:   ...Now we have created a new culture of recycling, with many people very passionate about the correct separation of their garbage. From the peak levels, we... more

Japanese language learning, a new way

Japanese language learning, a new way

I immediately knew I wanted to study Japanese here when I saw the lively scene at Heartful City in Gifu. People were sitting in pairs or in small groups. They were gesturing, talking, reading and... more

Ishino Design

Ishino Design offers professional photography, graphic design, web design and implementation. Visit more

Aitai Japan Volunteer Guides

Aitai Japan is a network of volunteer guides who can help you plan your trip and act as volunteer guides while you are in Japan. For more information please visit their website... more

Aichi International Association

Japanese Language Classes organized by a public organization, Aichi International Association.... more


IPE ACADEMY locates in the center of Nagoya city, Imaike area.... more

Nagoya International Center

NIC offers various type of services for living in the region.... more


JTB is one of the largest travel agents in Japan offering many types of travel option.... more


Meitetsu offers a ride to anywhere in Chubu region.... more

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